New milestone for Swedish liver transplant program

March 23, 2017 Swedish Blogger

The Swedish Transplant Program recently performed its 100th liver transplant, another milestone in our mission to save lives and treat liver disease in the Pacific Northwest. Since the Swedish Liver Transplant Program began in 2010, it has grown to serve patients across Washington, Alaska, Montana and Idaho. Today, it’s the No. 1 transplant program in the region based on quality and outcomes.

Serving patients near and far

Over the years, the Swedish Liver Transplant Program has added new medical staff and areas of expertise, helping patients from all over the world. 

Swedish also continues to deliver on its commitment to treat patients closer to home. In 2013, we opened our liver transplant outreach clinic in Spokane, Wash., supported by a dedicated transplant team to improve access to care and serve the growing population of patients in Eastern Washington and beyond.

We also opened the Swedish Liver Center and established the Liver Care Network to provide comprehensive hepatology care and to effectively manage patients with liver disease,” says Marquis Hart, M.D., director of the Swedish Transplant Program. “To improve access to care and address patient convenience, we travel throughout the region and also use telehealth for local evaluations and follow-up care.” 

According to the American Liver Foundation, at least 30 million people – or 1 in 10 Americans – have some form of liver disease. Despite many breakthroughs in managing and treating the disease, liver transplants continue to be the best treatment for some patients who have irreversible liver damage, and it’s the only option for patients facing imminent liver failure or end-state liver disease. Cirrhosis, viral hepatitis, genetic disorders, acute injury, liver cancer, autoimmune disorders, obesity, and toxins and drugs can cause or contribute to end-stage liver disease and failure.

Extending and improving life

Our patients come to Swedish for our pioneering transplant expertise. In addition to liver transplants, our surgeons perform liver-kidney transplants and a full range of liver-gallbladder surgery.

Whether a patient needs a transplant or help managing liver disease, we customize treatment to extend and improve quality of life. We use the latest treatments and technology for the best possible outcome.

Opportunities for alternative treatment

The Swedish Organ Transplant program also conducts extensive research into liver disease. This gives our patients access to alternative and novel treatments not widely available. 

If you’d like to learn more about our Liver Transplant Program, Liver Center and Liver Care Network, please call 1-800-996-7426 to schedule a consultation or to arrange a referral.

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