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  • Studies show men tend to put off regular checkups and are more likely than women to smoke, drink and make unhealthy choices. 

  • June is National Men’s Health Month, spotlighting the importance of making choices that improve your overall health and enrich your quality of life. 

  • We’ve compiled some of our previous posts from the Swedish blog to help highlight several significant health issues affecting men today and how they can get and stay healthy. 

Statistically speaking, a large percentage of American men need to pay better attention to their health. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, men are more likely than women to smoke, drink and make unhealthy choices. It doesn’t help matters that men also tend to put off regular checkups and medical care. 

June is National Men’s Health Month, an annual event focused on helping boys and men make healthy choices to improve their overall health. We’ve gathered a selection of past articles that address some of the top health issues facing many men today. Read what our experts have to say. 

“The important thing is to get started with routine health care when there’s nothing wrong. Get familiar with the rhythm and the routine and build a relationship and trust with your doctor so you feel comfortable talking about the real stuff when it happens,” says James K. Kuan, MD, FRCSC, urologist at Swedish Urology. 

Develop a self-help toolkit 

Handling the curveballs the past few years have thrown our way has been challenging for many of us – mentally, physically and emotionally. And asking for help is not always easy. But it’s an essential step towards better health and an improved quality of life. 

Dr. Kuan shared some thoughtful advice about managing our health and wellness through even the most challenging times in his 2020 blog post, Men’s Health Week: It’s times like these! In the article he emphasized the importance of developing a robust toolkit focused on emotional and physical health.  

Building a relationship with your primary care physician is an essential part of maintaining optimal health and wellness. Five ways to make the most of a primary care provider visit outlines the steps to take for making each trip a positive experience.  

If you’ve been putting off getting a physical or checking into an issue that’s bothering you, the article Have you scheduled your annual wellness exam? talks you through just how important it is to make that appointment. 

Learn from the pros 

Even a professional athlete has to work at staying healthy. Ultimate Frisbee player Jack Brown knows first-hand the effort required to get and stay in shape. Jack is a cutter for the Swedish-sponsored men’s ultimate frisbee team, the Seattle Cascades. He shares his strategy for staying in “Frisbee shape” in the article It’s Men's Health Month. A pro athlete shares some wellness tips.  

“One of the most influential pieces of advice that a coach has given me is “early work is good work.” Whether it’s making that wellness appointment or getting in a workout, don’t procrastinate on it,” says Jack. 

Make that appointment 

If you’re like a lot of people, you put off making an appointment for your annual wellness exam as long as possible. And scheduling a screening rarely – if ever – makes anyone’s list of favorite activities. But maybe it should. When it comes to your health, procrastination could have life-changing consequences. 

Men’s health: It’s never too early to start annual exams talks about the importance of a yearly visit with your primary care physician. Learn different ways men can take control of their health with routine care and preventative services. 

Even people who know that prostate cancer is the second most common cancer among men in the United States put off talking to their physicians about the pros and cons of screening tests for prostate cancer. When to schedule a prostate cancer screening offers a closer look at prostate cancer and lists the screening tests that every man should know about. 

"As men, what we can control in the world is how we take care of our mind, our body, our hearts, our spirit and our community. To do this requires attention, focus and practice," says Dr. Kuan. 


Learn more and find a provider 

The board certified urologists at Swedish Urology offer advanced, comprehensive care using the latest technology for accurate diagnosis as well as innovative medical and surgical treatment for the best outcome possible. 

Swedish Virtual Care connects you face-to-face with a nurse practitioner who can review your symptoms, provide instruction, and follow up as needed. If you need to find a provider, you can use our provider directory.  

Join our Patient and Family Advisory Council.  

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This information is not intended as a substitute for professional medical care. Always follow your health care professional’s instructions. 

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