Covid-19 safety updates for staff, patients and visitors

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The safety of our patients is always our main priority. That’s why we’ve implemented a strict, multi-layer process to ensure your safety whether you’re a patient or a visitor. The following safety protocols were put in place to ensure safety at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and remain in place today:

  • Visitation – In the interest of protecting patients from potential exposure risks, visitation is limited. Patient supporters may visit patients in certain circumstances.

  • Screenings – Everyone entering the hospital (employees, doctors, visitors, and all others) will be screened for symptoms and fever. Anyone with COVID-related symptoms or fever may not enter the hospital.

  • Symptomatic and exposed employees –

    • All our employees are encouraged to self-screen before coming to work. If they are symptomatic, they must call their supervisor and stay home.

    • If anyone develops symptoms while at work, they will alert their supervisor, contact caregiver health and go home under self-quarantine.

  • Isolation – COVID-19 positive patients will be isolated to one area of the hospital to keep the rest of the hospital safe.

  • Physical distancing – Staff will implement measures that ensure we meet physical distancing directives.

  • Universal masking — All our employees and patient supporters must wear appropriate hospital-issued masks while in the patient care setting.

Thank you for the opportunity to care for you during the COVID-19 health crisis. You can rest assured knowing that our safety measures are helping prevent the spread of COVID-19.

View the safety update pdf.

This information is not intended as a substitute for professional medical care. Always follow your health care professional's instructions.

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