Swedish and YMCA partner for patients

September 3, 2021 Swedish Health Team

Our very own Swedish Sports Medicine Program Fellowship Director Michael Erickson, M.D., learned about the YMCA’s Programs for Health, and took it upon himself to bring it to Swedish. That was nearly six years ago and since then, Swedish and the YMCA have become strong partners with a great referral program for our patients.

Opportunity to be referred by your physician

YMCA health programs are meant to help people maintain healthy habits in their daily lives and are available through the Seattle YMCA as a resource for Swedish patients. Once the Seattle YMCA referral intake team receives a patient referral, they will connect with the patient on the programs available in their location for their needs.

YMCA programs Swedish patients have been referred to include:

  • Lose to Win adult weight management
  • Diabetes prevention (Diabetes Prevention Program cohorts through year end will be delivered remotely via Microsoft Teams on Tuesdays at 9 a.m. starting Tues. Sept., 14 or Mondays at 5:30 p.m. starting Mon. Oct., 18.)
  • Other Health interventions (blood pressure self-management, Livestrong-Cancer Survivorship, etc.)

Any patient with goals for their health behavior can be referred to the YMCA programs; however, eligibility varies by program and patients are given options and recommendations on the programs they should participate in.

One of the main advantages for patients is that any Swedish physicians can refer a patient to the YMCA, which connects the patient to a YMCA health coach who guides the patient into a specific program.

The goal of this program is to create a true collaboration, where a patient’s care begins at Swedish and continues through the YMCA, promoting sustainable lifetime goals for health changes, as well as improving patient engagement in these great programs.

Patient program cost

No one will ever be turned away due to difficulty paying for a program, and YMCA membership is not required for most programs and services. Financial aid options are available for all interested participants. A few programs are covered by insurance (employers on a case-by-case basis may offer the program in their health care coverage, so check with your employer coverage to see).

The YMCA offers financial aid for those who need the help. According to the YMCA, “The goal is to not restrict anyone from participation based on cost, we will work with someone to make it affordable and accessible."

More information

Looking for information about the YMCA health promotion programs and services? Visit their website for links to program brochures. If you have any questions about the program, reach out to Sally Sundar at ssundar@seattleymca.org.

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