Bladder control problems are not a normal part of aging

January 14, 2015 Swedish Blogger

I remember hearing a lecture about 15 years ago, learning that by the year 2020 there will be more adults in diapers than babies!

It was hard to imagine that day back in 2000, but shopping in my local drugstore I realize that day is upon us. There is a whole double aisle dedicated to "Adult Continence Products" and only a quarter of the floor space dedicated to baby diapers. There is a tsunami wave of baby boomers, and bladder control is a big deal for many of us.

Over half of American women over 50 years old have some daily bother with bladder control - we are in the midst of an epidemic and women need to know this isn't a normal part of aging. Many women defer care for bladder control issues due to embarassment and hope it will go away, or do not realize there are many effective treatment options that are covered by insurance.

Urinary leakage is a little problem that can cascade into all realms of your life, both physical and emotional. Medical research studeis have linked urinary incontinence to long term health problems such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, bone fractures, and depression. To avert the corrosive effects of a little leak, seek some solutions by asking your primary care provider for a referral, or call directly (you can reach our office at 425-392-8611) to make an appointment with an urogynecologist or urologist who specializes in treating bladder control problems.

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