The COVID-19 Vaccine and your Mammogram

February 24, 2021 Swedish Women's Health Team

A routine screening mammogram is a proven tool in early detection of breast cancer and lowering your risk of dying from a breast cancer diagnosis. Delaying this important screening is not typically recommended – unless you’ve recently had a COVID-19 vaccination. 

So, should you plan a routine breast exam around your COVID-19 vaccine? 

Yes, if at all possible as COVID-19 vaccines can cause swollen lymph nodes in some people. When your radiologist sees a swollen lymph node during a mammogram, it can be a cause for concern and warrants a follow-up exam. By timing your exam around the vaccine, experts are trying to avoid unnecessary anxiety, additional testing and exams and false positives.

Due to the COVID-19 vaccine side effects, we recommend that you schedule a screening mammography a minimum of six (6) weeks after your final vaccination dose. 
We recognize that opportunities to receive a COVID-19 are unpredictable at this time. If you have already scheduled a mammogram appointment, we will be happy to reschedule for you if such an opportunity becomes available. 

Please note that these recommendations are for routine screening mammograms only. If you are having any breast symptoms, do not delay an evaluation by your primary care provider and any diagnostic tests recommended. 

To schedule a mammogram at one of our seven breast imaging locations, call 1-855-MyMammo.

For other COVID-19 vaccine information for specific groups click here


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