What is Parentelligence?

April 6, 2011 Swedish Blogger

Parentelligence is all about smart parenting. Finding out the science behind parenting and applying it in a practical way, so that every parent can make informed decisions for the unending number of decisions that we have to make everyday for, and about, our children. It’s finding out why the recommendations are what they are, whether it’s for car seats, sleep safety, human development, or just plain how to handle the morning rush out the door.

We’ll cover any and every topic that parents want to know about. Questions will be asked and answers will be given based on the available research and using the elusive and sometimes not-so-common common sense to apply that research.

They say babies don’t come with an owner’s manual, but that’s not because the information isn’t available, there’s just too much information to put into one book. Parentelligence will be a place for parents to ask questions and get non-biased, evidence-based answers. Parentelligence will be a portal to respected resources of information on the internet.

Parentelligence: Power to the Parent!

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