Swedish launches first-ever hospital-based postpartum doula services

Unique program offers in-home care after your baby’s arrival to help create a strong foundation for your growing family


The team at Swedish is excited to bring you doula services you can’t get from a hospital anywhere else in the country. Our postpartum doula services give you access to an unprecedented level of compassionate, professional care after your baby’s birth where you need it most – in your home.

Bringing home your new baby and the weeks that follow can be a joyous experience full of heartwarming moments and making memories that leave you smiling every time you think of them. It can also be a little overwhelming – especially at 2 a.m.

Our newly introduced postpartum doula program offers a solution that helps you navigate this exciting, and oftentimes challenging, time in your family’s life.

Swedish is adding the postpartum doula services alongside its birth doula services that were launched in 2016. As part of the comprehensive doula services now available at Swedish, our doulas provide emotional, physical and informational support to help you have the best possible pregnancy, birth and early parenting experience.

Birth doula services

Swedish birth doulas work alongside your nurses, midwives and doctors during your labor and delivery. They meet with you in advance to get to know you and work with you in developing your birth preferences. In the hospital, they provide a reassuring, familiar presence and help you navigate the birth process during this special time in your family’s history. Services are available at all Swedish Birth Centers.

“[Our Swedish birth doula] Christine, was amazing! She was extremely knowledgeable, which was indispensable, both at the birth and in the first couple weeks postpartum. We felt we had a confident guide and also made a good friend.” Jennifer L., Swedish patient 

Postpartum doula services

Our postpartum doulas then provide much-needed services in your home in the weeks after your baby arrives. They focus on you and your baby and customize the care they give to fill your needs with compassion, respect and kindness.

Postpartum doulas:

  • Provide guidance for breastfeeding, chestfeeding, bottle feeding and pumping
  • Enable improved recovery and recuperation during labor, birth and postpartum
  • Care for your baby during the night while you sleep
  • Prepare nourishing meals for you while you are healing
  • Demonstrate soothing techniques for your baby
  • Do laundry, dishwashing and light housekeeping
  • Give emotional support and guidance
  • Monitor potential postpartum complications

The postpartum doulas at Swedish go through a rigorous application process with high standards and requirements. Each one is certified or in an apprentice program working toward certification. All of them have completed background checks and are certified in infant first aid and CPR.

Whether you’re newly pregnant or already have a new baby in your arms, Swedish offers different packages and costs for doula services to give you several options to meet your needs. Learn how to get started.

“[Our Swedish birth doula] Jessup was absolutely wonderful. He radiates experience and confidence, and he kept us sane throughout the experience. He thought of ways to help and comfort me, which I could never have thought of under the circumstances. I don’t know how we would have gotten through it without him.” Dana G., Swedish patient 

Birth Equity Project

Swedish is honored to be part of the Birth Equity Project – a three-year project sponsored by the Washington State Department of Health--dedicated to improving birth outcomes and reducing infant mortality rates in several racial groups.

Our participation focuses on an expansion of birth doula services to African American families as a way to decrease disparities in maternity care outcomes between African American and Caucasian communities. We also offer a diversity scholarship to provide training opportunities to build greater diversity in the doula population.

Find a doctor

Doulas at Swedish work in partnership with your medical team to ensure you get care that focuses on you and your baby. Search for a doctor who knows how important a doula can be to help provide a positive pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience in our provider directory.

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This information is not intended as a substitute for professional medical care. Always follow your healthcare professional's instructions.

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