Eat well and maintain a healthy weight - new class series

September 24, 2014 Grace Lautman, MS, CN

Most of us have heard the term, “the obesity epidemic,” and we are affected by it each day. Some of us have had personal weight struggles or have watched a loved one struggle, and all of us have been affected by the food industry’s constant flood of conflicting nutrition and diet information.

This has left us:

  • Frustrated and confused with our bodies
  • Unclear about how to feed ourselves
  • Constantly dieting or giving up on losing weight entirely
  • Overweight, obese, and sick
  • Eating for emotional reasons rather than eating to fuel our bodies
  • Misunderstanding obesity

If we want to be healthy, we must understand the basic science behind nutrition, obesity, and metabolism, and we must connect with our own personal needs. With the proper education, we can navigate through the media’s information, stop dieting, find our healthy weight, and change our lifestyle habits in a sustainable way.

Swedish Community Education and Swedish Weight Loss Services have partnered and are now offering Healthy Weight Classes; a three-class series that teaches you the tools you need to eat well and maintain a healthy weight. The classes provide education, resources, and support for your personal goals—whether that means learning about healthy food, losing weight, or building confidence to properly manage your weight.

Sign up for our Healthy Weight Classes and leave the series with:

  • A science-based understanding of how to eat
  • Shopping lists
  • Grocery store navigation guides
  • Recipes and tricks for healthier snacks and meals
  • Emotional and mindful eating education
  • A clear plan of how to make specific lifestyle changes conducive to maintaining your healthy weight

(There is a $68 fee for the three-class series, good for two participants. Each class is 90 minutes. For class dates and locations, click here, visit, or call 206- 215-3338.)

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