Re-introduce yourself to recess

March 20, 2012 Swedish Blogger

When we were kids, recess was a break in the day designated to play with our friends. As we get older, we get progressively more responsible, lose sight of recess and transition into the daily grind. Fitness often falls off our schedules and is replaced by a growing to do list for survival.

Adults need recess just as much as kids do. Take a moment to remember something you enjoyed as a kid: riding your bike, soccer, tennis, skiing, swimming, etc. I double dare you to try it again, looking at it through the lens of a six year old and invite a friend/co-worker to join you. If you still enjoy it, make it a priority to fit it back into your life.

Working out can be fun if you find something you enjoy. If you train gradually, by adding no more than 10% intensity to your workouts each week, you might feel more accomplished in life, eat healthier because you view food as fuel, sleep better, have more energy and less stress in your life.

It’s easy for all of us to get sucked into the labyrinth of our lives: the growing to do list at work and at home, but keep recess on your to do list and it gives you something to look forward to each day. Eventually we get to retire - wouldn’t it be nice to have the energy to enjoy that valuable time, to explore the world and enjoy time spent with loved ones?

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