Evaluation of Biomarkers in Breast Cancer Survivors: “Surviving through Breast Cancer (VIBE)”

November 6, 2019 Donielle O’Connor, M.Ed. Administration Manager, Oncology Research Swedish Cancer Institute (SCI)

Cancer research and clinical trials
The Swedish Cancer Institute (SCI) is one of the leading clinical trial sites in the western United States. With more than 100 available research studies at any given time involving most types of cancer, a clinical trial could be one part of your personalized treatment plan.

An important step toward tomorrow’s breakthroughs
There are many steps in the research process. A clinical trial is a critical step in developing new technologies or medications and determining whether they will be made available to the general public. A clinical trial is a method of testing innovative approaches to preventing, diagnosing or treating a particular disease. Some clinical trials look at combinations of treatments to determine if a new way of delivering those treatments will produce better results. Clinical trials may lead to improvements in standard of care treatments that benefit many patients.

Working to improve the lives of future breast cancer survivors
The Swedish Cancer Institute is starting a research study for newly diagnosed women with breast cancer who will receive chemotherapy: the “Surviving through Breast Cancer (VIBE)” study.

Current situation
Chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer saves thousands of women’s lives every year. Many breast cancer survivors have side effects from the treatment that can affect their physical and emotional well-being.

Study purpose
The purpose of this study is to discover connections between a woman’s unique biological traits and her side effects to cancer therapy. These traits and biomarkers (such as hormones, inflammation, cognition, genetics and microbiome) will be monitored for three years. Using the findings from this study, we hope to better understand cancer treatment-related side effects and improve quality of life for future breast cancer survivors.

Are you interested in the VIBE study? Consider the following questions:
•Are you at least 18 years old?
•Do you speak and read English fluently?
•Do you use a computer and have a valid email address?
•Are you newly diagnosed with stage I, II or III invasive breast cancer?
•Are you going to start treatment soon (surgery and chemotherapy)?
•Are you able to wear a Fitbit during the study?
•Are you willing to have cognitive functioning assessments, extra blood draws and complete online questionnaires?

Learn more
Talk to your doctor for more information about the
“Surviving through Breast Cancer (VIBE)” study, or contact the Swedish Cancer Institute Breast Cancer Research Team at 206-215-3086 or send an email to: Cancer.Research@swedish.org.

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