Bike the US for MS riders donate $25,000 to the Swedish Multiple Sclerosis Center

August 6, 2013 Swedish Blogger


The Multiple Sclerosis Center at Swedish welcomed 30 cyclists Sunday for the finale of their coast-to-coast ride for multiple sclerosis (MS). Cyclists and a crowd of supporters and loved ones continued the celebration inside where they presented the Swedish MS Center with a $25,000 donation.

The ride was extremely significant for one of the cyclists, Diane Mattens, who is also a patient at the Swedish MS Center. Diane has been living with multiple sclerosis for nearly three decades and is the first woman with MS to complete a Bike the US for MS tour.

Diane credits Dr. James Bowen, who has been her doctor for the past 15 years, saying he "knows me all too well." In addition to raising more than $15,000 for her ride, Diane’s goal is to help change the face of MS and inspire other people living with the disease to keep moving.

“I think just knowing the fact that I can [complete the ride] is pretty motivating in itself,” Diane told KING-5 News. “You can’t waste one day because you never know what’s going to happen tomorrow.”

We are extremely grateful for Bike the US for MS’s contribution to our MS Center. Their donation will go toward MS educational activities, social work, vocational counseling and wellness programs including exercise activities that allow our patients to get comprehensive care. We also send our gratitude and congratulations to Diane Mattens and her family and all of the riders who participated this year.


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