Dr. Bowen tackles mysteries of MS in Scientific American MIND

April 30, 2013 Swedish Blogger

The last 20 years have held significant gains for people living with multiple sclerosis (MS). Thanks to new studies and a full pipeline of those to come, our understanding of the disease and promises for future remedies grows rapidly.

Dr. James Bowen, Medical Director and neurologist at the MS Center at Swedish, wrote an article on this progress in Scientific American MIND. "Solving the Mystery of MS" unpacks the history of MS treatments, from breakthrough treatments to rethinking the disease origin, and offers a comprehensive view of what we know now as well as what lays ahead.

Scientific American MIND is an American magazine focused on breakthroughs in neuroscience, psychology and other popular science issues. You can read the full article online or find it in the May/June 2013 edition on newsstands now (subscription costs may apply).

You can also stay up-to-date with the latest MS updates by subscribing to HelpLines, a free monthly distribution of MS news and research. HelpLines is written by MS specialists and staff at Swedish.


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