My hearing loss isn't bad enough for hearing aids, is it?

June 6, 2011 Stacey D. Watson, MS, CCC-A


After a hearing test, it is common to have questions about the results. One that is frequently asked is “My hearing loss isn’t bad enough for hearing aids, is it?” In fact one young man asked me that very question today that made me want to share my answer here. This is a great question!

To determine if you are a candidate for hearing aids we need to first look at how your hearing loss affects your daily life. Consider how you interact with the world around you. Do the people in your life seem like they are talking softly most of the time, is the volume on your radio or television up louder than it used to be, or do your friends and family seem mumble when they talk to you? These could all be signs that your hearing isn’t what it used to be and you may need a boost.

Your hearing is one of several attributes that connect you to the world around you. Hearing loss can progress gradually making it more challenging for you to notice the loss as it is happening. More often than not, your friends and family will recognize you have a hearing loss before you do. Ask your loved ones to give you an honest opinion about your interactions and if your hearing has effected how they communicate with you. If they say you seem to be missing parts of conversations it may be time to consider your amplification options. At the very least it is a great time to get your hearing checked.

Unlike hearing aids from 10 years ago, today’s technology can offer clarity without making all sounds louder. We can program your hearing aids to give you a boost only where you need it. This allows you to get the sharpness of speech back, cleans up those “mumbling” friends and makes those soft talkers louder.

Ultimately, the decision to pursue your options is up to you. If you feel like that time is now consider talking to an audiologist. We can provide the tools you need to make the best informed decision.


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