Pipeline: New Alternative Treatment for Brain Aneurysms Performed at Swedish

August 14, 2012 Robert L. Weinsheimer, MD


The interventional neuroradiologists at Swedish Neuroscience Institute in Seattle are rapidly building experience performing Pipeline® embolization on patients with certain types of brain aneurysms.

Dr. Joe Eskridge and Dr. Yince Loh are both performing this new ‘flow diversion’ technique, where the pipeline device is placed across the aneurysm neck to divert blood flow back to the normal vessel. This technique is a new treatment option for large, complex and wide-necked brain aneurysms, which can be challenging to treat with traditional methods.

Pipeline® stent (click for animation)

In addition to aneurysm treatments such as surgical clipping, bypass techniques and endovascular coiling and stenting, this procedure offers patients an additional treatment option. Learn more about all of the treatment options available for brain aneurysms.


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