Watch video: Are you intentional with your free time?

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  • We frequently spend our free time focusing on things that are convenient or things we do out of habit. 
  • Think about your own go-to activities during your free time. Are you active and engaged, or are you scrolling through social media? 
  • The next time you have some free time, be intentional with it; make sure it's nourishing and not depleting. 

Are you spending your free time doing the things you love, things that bring you joy and a sense of fulfillment? Or is most of your free time spent on things that you do out of habit, such as scrolling through social media or flipping through television channels?

Too often, we don't choose activities in our free time that nourish our mind, body or spirit. In this short video, Swedish behavioral health expert Katie Choumitsky, LICSW, shares some advice on how being more intentional with our free time can replenish us and help us find more joy in our everyday lives. 


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