Watch video: Do you struggle with distracting thoughts?

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  • Our minds are always moving. Much of our thinking is helpful and keeps us connected to ourselves and others. Our thoughts help us reflect, develop and grow. 

  • Sometimes, though, we struggle with distracting, intrusive and unhelpful thinking. We want to try to avoid jumping to conclusions, catastrophizing and black and white thinking, in which we only see two possible outcomes to a situation.

  • Advice from a Swedish behavioral health expert to help us tame our negative and distracting thoughts.   

Next time your mood dips or your anxiety spikes, try tuning into what your mind is telling you at the moment. Thinking can help us solve problems, gain healthy perspective and help us feel better, but sometimes our thoughts can add to any distress or anxiety we may be feeling. 

In this video, Swedish behavioral health expert John Delfeld, LICSW, offers advice to help us redirect our unwanted or negative thoughts and shares some actions we can take to help improve our mood. 



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