Are you at risk for heart disease?

February 15, 2014 Swedish Blogger

About half of all Americans have at least one of the three main risk factors for heart disease: high blood pressure, high cholesterol and smoking. Other risk factors include diabetes, overweight/obesity, poor diet, inactivity, alcohol use and family history.

More people die from heart disease than any other medical condition. Controlling these risk factors is the most effective method of prevention.

What is your risk for heart disease? Find out by taking a free online Heart Risk Test.

If you need care, we have a team of cardiologists who can evaluate your risk, show you how to reduce that risk, and help you take the first steps to a healthy future.

Five tips for finding a cardiologist:

  1. Convenience. Care close to home or work makes life easier. Swedish has more than 35 cardiologists in 20 locations throughout the Greater Puget Sound area.
  2. Credentials. Cardiologists at Swedish are board certified by their national professional organizations.
  3. Quality. The American College of Cardiology has recognized Swedish cardiologists for being leaders in safe, high-quality care that reduces the risk of death among heart patients. Find out more about our quality outcomes.
  4. Reputation. Swedish is recognized regionally and nationally as a leader in patient safety and quality care.
  5. Research. Cardiologists at Swedish benefit from and participate in clinical studies at the Swedish Heart & Vascular Institute.

Ready to find the right cardiologist for you? Click here to find a Swedish cardiologist.

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