Botox Injections for Seattle patients

July 25, 2014 Scott C. Sattler

Why do aging faces have wrinkles ?
The muscles of facial expression initiate and preserve the major lines and wrinkles of our faces.  The ‘crow’s feet’ , ‘11 lines’ and forehead creases are the lines of facial expression than are most associated with facial aging. The sun also contributes to the very fine lines and wrinkles of facial skin as well. There is an important distinction between lines of facial expression and sun-aged skin. Sun-aged skin has very fine lines and wrinkles that are not perpetuated by the muscles of facial expression, and are not corrected with Botox.
How can Botox be used to help with facial wrinkles ?
Botox injections can be used to soften and relax the lines of facial expression that create a tired, angry or ‘stressed out’ appearance.
Botox is a purified neurotoxin that is injected with precision into muscles of facial expression. This results in partial, temporary paralysis of these muscles and softening of the overlying skin wrinkles. Botox is incredibly effective when injected by experienced providers using the appropriate dosing.
What is the Botox treatment experience ?
Botox treatments are done in a clinical setting, typically in a cosmetic surgery or skin care clinic. Botox treatments are done by medical doctors, or by a supervised midlevel provider, like a physician assistant or nurse practitioner.
The lines and folds of the face are evaluated and photographed. The facial skin is cleansed and injections are done using a tiny needle. The dosage of Botox is estimated based on your physical examination. Patients can return to work immediately after Botox injection.
How is Botox priced?
Clinics like ours charge ‘per unit’ for Botox. Typical treatment dosages range from about 20 to 60 units. Botox unit price varies widely and is based on a clinic’s pricing structure, location and local market.
What can I expect after Botox treatment ?
It takes about 4-5 days to see the effects from a Botox treatment. This varies based on the individual and amount of Botox injected. Botox will reach peak effect within 10 days of the injection. The effect should last between 3-4 months, and sometimes longer, depending on the dose of Botox given. If you’ve noticed that your Botox treatment is diminishing sooner than 3-4 months, then it is likely that your Botox unit dose was too low for your unique facial anatomy. A  Botox treatment goal should be thorough correction of each facial region that lasts a reasonable period of time.
Where can I have a Botox treatment done ?
At Sound Plastic Surgery in Seattle, we treat dozens of Botox patients each month. Our board certified plastic surgeons will evaluate your facial anatomy and make recommendations for Botox treatment. A price quote is given to each patient prior to treatment. Same day injection appointments are always available with our physicians. Botox treatments can be combined with facial filler injections (Voluma, Juvederm, Sculptra) to maximize your cosmetic result.
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