Counselors are now available

December 26, 2017 Swedish Blogger

The Swedish Cancer Institute is pleased to announce that there are now three counselors available to patients, couples and families. These services are provided at no cost to participants and are available at our Edmonds, Ballard and First Hill campuses.

Benefits of counseling

  • Build resilient coping skills
  • Help manage and reduce feelings of depression, anxiety and stress
  • Improve communication in couples and families
  • Foster self-confidence and awareness
  • Support in life’s many transitions
  • Connect with support groups or other community resources
  • Information and referral for financial, insurance, legal and day-to-day concerns

What to expect

Counseling sessions are by appointment only. Counseling goals are determined collaboratively between the patient, their family and their oncology health care team.

Our counselors

Jennifer Gross, MA, LMHC, is pursuing a doctorate in psychology at Antioch University. She first became interested in working in the field of psychology during her childhood. Jennifer has provided mental health services to children and adults.

Elaine Busko, MS, is in her final year at Seattle Pacific University, completing an MS degree in marriage and family therapy, with a specialization in medical family therapy. She knew when she was a small child that she wanted to be in the medical field, after experiencing her own family illness and loss.

Mariette Guidry, MS, LMFTA, is a recent graduate from Seattle Pacific University and now completing her certificate in medical family therapy. Presently a therapist for children and their families, she looks forward to broadening her experiences within the medical field.

How to schedule an appointment

Elaine Busko: 206-215-3217
Swedish Cancer Institute First Hill

Mariette Guidry: 206-320-2047
Swedish Cancer Institute Ballard

Jennifer Gross: 425-640-4863
Swedish Cancer Institute Edmonds

This article is from Life to the Fullest, the newsletter from the Swedish Cancer Institute (SCI) dedicated to those with cancer, cancer survivors, and their family members and caregivers.


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