February Update: We "Heart" the Highlands

February 18, 2011 Swedish Blogger

This will be a big year for the Swedish project, with the first phase of the medical center opening in July.

We have come a long way in a year. Here’s what’s happening in February on the construction site:

Photo of site on Feb. 3, 2010

Photo of site on Feb. 3, 2011

Hospital & Central Wings:

  1. The last remaining large mobile crane (located west side of site) will be dismantled and leaving the job-site the second week of February.
  2. The east side manlift will be removed the second week of February so exterior finishes can be completed and the East Wing can be enclosed.
  3. The West Wing manlift will remain on the exterior of the facility until the end of the project. Manlifts help move construction crews and materials throughout the floors from the outside.
  4. The East Wing’s permanent roofing system continues to be installed and it should be complete by end of the month. The West Wing’s permanent roof system continues this month and will be complete in March.
  5. Level G (garage), and the 1-East and Center wing floors will complete the epoxy floor finish, ceramic tile finishes, ceiling finishes, carpet, casework, and “MEP” (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) trim within this month. Painting will continue during this month.
  6. Levels 2-4 East, Center, and West Wing floors continue “MEP” rough-in, and framing and sheathing.

The Medical Office Building (MOB):

  • The permanent roof system will be complete
  • Final paint and electrical trim will be done on Level G (garage)
  • Atrium/Commons Space work continues, which includes paint, ceiling grid, millwork, perimeter glass guardrail, carpet, epoxy terrazzo, and “MEP” trim.
  • Various interior-finish work will continue within MOB floors 1-3. Same activities listed in Hospital item No.5 above.
  • MOB floors 4-5 activities continue, same as Hospital item No.6 above.

Project stats

As of the end of Sept., this project has accumulated a total of 1,414 tons of mixed waste material, with 1,307 tons of it being diverted to recycling – that yields a 92-percent recycling rate! In addition, on-site crews are up to 540 trades people and field staff.

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