Happy Doctors' Day, and thank you to all doctors!

March 30, 2012 Swedish Blogger

Doctors' Day was officially designated as a national day of recognition in 1990 to honor our physicians.  We thank the members of our talented medical staff for their compassionate care of patients and their enthusiastic pursuit of safety, quality and the highest standards in the delivery of medical care.

I want to thank all of our doctors for what they do, and give special thanks to those are blogging and providing information online. Here are some of our doctors who are blogging at Swedish:

  • Ralph Aye, MD, Thoracic Surgeon

  • Douglas Backous, MD, Neurosurgeon

  • James Bowen, MD, Medical Director for Multiple Sclerosis

  • Brenna Carroll, AuD, Audiologist

  • Rocco Ciocca, MD, FACS, Vascular Surgeon

  • Jay Fathi, MD, Medical Director, Primary Care and Family Medicine

  • Alexander Farivar, MD, Thoracic Surgeon

  • Joanna Garritano, MD, ER Physician

  • Anand Gersappe, MD, PhD, Medical Director, Swedish Redmond Sleep Clinic

  • Jed Gorden, MD, Thoracic Surgeon

  • John Henson, MD, Director of Neurology, Swedish Neuroscience Institute

  • Kristiina Huckabay, AuD, Audiologist

  • Rodney Kratz, MD, Colon & Rectal Surgeon

  • Heather Lamberth, AuD, Audiologist

  • Brian Lange, MD, Vascular Surgeon

  • William Likosky, MD, Director, Stroke Program, Swedish Neuroscience Institute

  • Joel Lilly, MD, Urologist

  • Brian Louie, MD, Thoracic Surgeon

  • Eduardo Miller, MD, South Lake Union Primary Care

  • Hema Nirmal, MD, FAAP, Pediatrician, Snoqualmie Primary Care

  • Pavle Repovic, MD, Multiple Sclerosis Physician

  • Mark Reisman, MD, Chief Scientific Officer & Director of Cardiovascular Research

  • Chirag Shah, MD, MPH, Robotic Surgeon

  • Eric Vallieres, MD, FRCSC, Surgical Director of the Lung Cancer Program


Also, here are some of my personal favorite videos by our physicians from our YouTube channel:



And of course, the physicians who participate in our livestreams are pretty incredible as well:


I've also captured a few tweets and Facebook posts from people who wanted to thank our doctors - see below, and if you want to share any, comment here or on Facebook, and we'll share them with our amazing doctors!





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