Juvederm Voluma facial fillers help rejuvenate the face

August 8, 2014 Swedish Blogger

Juvederm Voluma™ XC is a new hyaluraonic acid filler, recently approved by the FDA, that is improving facial volume for our patients here in Seattle. Voluma™ is approved for helping restore lost volume to the cheeks. Studies show that the rejuvenating effects can last for up to two years.

By helping volumize the cheeks a subtle “lift” of the face can be seen, and moderately deep nasolabial folds (smile lines) can be improved as well.

The treatment itself takes about 15 minutes, and we have noticed that our patients have minimal if any pain. Voluma™ comes mixed with some local anesthetic, so pain truly hasn’t been an issue for our patients here at Sound Plastic Surgery.

We really enjoy using Voluma™ because the effects are seen right away, there is no “down time” after the injections for patients, and this filler provides a really nice, non-invasive, subtle rejuvenation of the face.

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