Musician David Osmond Tours the Multiple Sclerosis Center with Dr. James Bowen

May 8, 2015 Swedish Blogger


Musician David Osmond, from the famous musical Osmond family, visited the Swedish Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Center, touring the clinic with medical director, James Bowen. Having been diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS in 2005, Osmond was interested in learning more about comprehensive care for MS.


While on the tour, Osmond learned about the MS Center’s physical rehabilitation program and wellness offerings including gym access with specialized equipment for MS patients, exercise training, Pilates, and Yoga. Dr. Bowen explained the MS Center’s emotional wellness offerings including psychology, psychiatry, support groups, music and pet therapy, and the annual art show. Other areas covered during his visit were elements of community wellness including social work, vocational counseling, workshops on stress management, and social events such as the MS Center summer BBQ and winter seasonal celebration. These programs assist with keeping individuals with MS involved in the broader community.


Earlier in the day, Osmond spoke to patients about his experience with relapse-remitting MS and how he fights each and every day to be strong and live life to the fullest. Osmond’s devastating diagnosis took him from a thriving musical career to a wheelchair back in 2005. Today he stands before the audience—no wheelchair and a guitar in hand. Sharing his father’s inspirational words, Osmond says, “I have a motto to live by—you have to be TUFF. It stands for: Target what you need to do; Understand everything you can about the challenge in front of you; Focus on how to live with or beat that challenge; Fight Fight, Fight—you have to have the drive and desire to keep living and keep fighting for yourself and those around you.” To conclude the patient event, Osmond sang his personal composition about MS, “I Can Do This.” After an encore, Osmond sang the song again, only this time with the audience filling in the chorus.


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