Neuromodulation device success for patients with fecal incontinence

April 25, 2012 Amir L Bastawrous

The Swedish Colon and Rectal Clinic successfully treated its first two patients with Medtronic’s InterStim? neuromodulation device for fecal incontinence. Both patients have already been seen in follow up with an amazing and immediate improvement. One patient in particular was previously afraid to leave the house and had daily leakage. She is thrilled with the positive outcome. Since placement of the first-stage device four days ago, she has had no leakage.

The technology involves placing a permanent generator attached to electrical wires, which are positioned near sacral nerves in the lower back. The procedure requires two stages. First the wires are placed and attached to a temporary, external test generator. Once the desired positive effect is confirmed, the permanent generator is placed.

This is a new day for these patients. There are millions of patients who could potentially be helped with this new technology. Up until now physicians had limited treatment options and none with comparable results. In international studies 70 percent of patients had at least a 50-percent improvement in episodes of leakage with the majority having much more than that. Our experience with these first two patients has been dramatic; I am amazed.

(Here is another picture of the device:)

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