Preventative Maintenance

November 12, 2010 Eric Eisenberg

TIP OF THE WEEK:  Dying for a slice of pizza? I was, yesterday I went to a party where there was a ton of pizza. I LOVE PIZZA! I ate salad....but then, like a flash of light it came to me. I can have the pizza. It's just the crust I want to avoid!

So I took a knife and performed a toppingectomy, I took all the yummy good tasty stuff off the top of the pizza. Artichokes...good, tomato...good, olives...good, Cheese...gooooooooood!

I got all the flavor of the pizza and none of the carbs that would have made it a "failure" for me. AND I had SOME of the toppings from ONE piece of pizza rather than shoveling in 3 or more whole slices. Then I had another plate of salad.

It really was better than it sounds, give it a try! I continue to try to get here as regularly as possible and I think I have a plan moving forward! For now a little pep talk on maintaining focus.

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