Stocking a Fatigue-Fighting Pantry for Multiple Sclerosis

June 27, 2013 Swedish Blogger

Most people have experienced feeling too tired to prepare a meal, or the comfortable convenience of fast food options. For many people with multiple sclerosis (MS), fatigue can be a persistent issue that leaves them feeling without a choice.

However, a little planning can make preparing healthy, fatigue-fighting meals possible. A small amount of preparation every week can go a long way in saving you time and energy and allow you to eat healthfully all week long. Start by sitting down each week and make a meal plan.

Here are some nutritious, easily prepared food ideas to consider to putting on your shopping list:

  • Canned foods
    Beans or tuna are a great source of protein that do not need to be cooked. Try adding them to salads. Canned vegetables are nutritious and only require heating because all the washing, stemming and chopping has been done for you.
  • Frozen vegetables
    These are just as healthy as fresh and can usually simply be microwaved, saving you time and energy.
  • Plain rice or pasta
    This is great to have on hand for easy meals like stir-fries. For added fiber and vitamins, choose brown rice or whole wheat pasta.
  • Pre-cut fruits and vegetables
    These are becoming more widely available and will save you time and energy since the cutting and chopping have been done for you.
  • Peanut butter
    This is a great, no-cook source of protein. A peanut butter sandwich on whole grain bread is easy to prepare and can be carried with you during the day to help you avoid temptation from vending machines or fast food restaurants. Choose the natural version to avoid harmful trans-fats.
  • Whole grain crackers
    These are a convenient, healthy snack to have on hand and can add fiber to your diet.

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