Team Swedish Bikes for Multiple Sclerosis

October 1, 2013 Swedish Blogger

The Swedish S’myelin Babes, Swedish’s Bike MS team, raised more than $46,000 this year. The annual event raises funds for multiple sclerosis research and local programs to support people living with the disease.

Check out a few photos captured by Dr. Lily JungHenson from this year’s event.


Swedish riders, including Chuck Salmon, Swedish Issaquah’s Chief Executive; Joel Wassermann, Vice President of Medical Affairs for Swedish Issaquah; Heidi Aylsworth, Vice President of Performance Improvement, Stewardship and Strategic Development; John Henson, Vice President of Medical Affairs for the Cherry Hill Campus; and Dr. Lily JungHenson, Swedish Issaquah’s Chief of Staff and Medical Director for the Issaquah Neurology Clinic.

Three sets of tandem riders on the Swedish S’myelin Babes team, including Michael and Cheryl Giuffre, the Hensons and Chuck Salmon and his wife, Ginger Robinson.

A few of the Valley Regional Fire Authority firefighters who are part of the Swedish team.

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