Transgender Day of Visibility: being celebrated and being seen

Each year on March 31, we celebrate Transgender Day of Visibility, a day that is dedicated to recognizing the accomplishments, contributions and resilience of our transgender community. This year, Diana V. Krishna, program coordinator for Providence Swedish's LGBTQIA+ Education Program, shared what the day means to her.   

I was born and raised in the beautiful Fiji Islands and later immigrated to Canada and to the United States of America. 

Growing up, I had to navigate a society where visibility as a trans individual was often met with misunderstanding and prejudice. I encountered many instances where my very existence has been deemed offensive to certain groups of people, leading me to isolation. I have been advised not to wear makeup or heels with the rationale that it would draw attention or make me appear taller than the men in the room.  

Moving to North America presented new opportunities, but also new challenges. I had opportunities to experience new cultures and at the same time I was pressured to hide my identity to make others comfortable. Despite these and many other challenges, I remained resilient and determined to live authentically.  

Transgender Day of Visibility serves as a reminder that human life, including trans life, is beautiful. 

My experiences taught me that every individual, regardless of gender identity, deserves to be seen, heard, and celebrated for who they are. 

Life has been a long journey and many times difficult. While the world grasped with the feelings of isolation during the pandemic in 2020, for many transgender individuals like me, isolation has been a lifelong companion. The struggles of navigating societal norms, facing discrimination, and striving for acceptance have often left us feeling isolated and alone.  

Transgender Day of Visibility is a platform to challenge stereotypes and advocate for representation. It is crucial to recognize that true representation is beyond visibility. It also encompasses creating pathways for career opportunities and advancements for transgender individuals. This means actively seeking out and hiring Trans individuals and providing them with support and resources necessary to thrive in their careers. It is about highlighting the beauty and value of Trans lives, and ensuring that our perspectives, stories, and voices are included in shaping a more equitable and inclusive society. 

Systemic barriers often hinder access to higher education and job opportunities for many in our community. Despite this, our lived experiences are rich with invaluable wisdom and resilience. We bring to the table a wealth of knowledge, allowing us to contribute with compassion, dignity, and productivity to our work. Our unique experiences shape us into empathetic and determined individuals, making our presence an essential and enriching part of any space we inhabit. 

Transgender Day of Visibility serves as a reminder that human life, including trans life, is beautiful. This day resonates deeply with me. My name is Diana Veronika Krishna, and I joyfully embrace she, her, and hers, as my pronouns. I proudly celebrate the beauty and diversity of my identity. I invite you to journey together with kindness and understanding. Make a commitment to amplify trans, and gender diverse voices, and pave the way for a more dignified and fulfilling existence for all.  

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