Acupuncture treatment offers therapeutic benefit for breast cancer patients

August 21, 2017 Swedish Blogger



Patients suffering from metastatic breast cancer are profoundly affected by physical and emotional effects of the disease and the treatment process. Acupuncture treatment is one modality that can provide therapeutic benefit for a wide range of symptoms, including pain, nausea, mood and sleep disturbance, and weakened immune system. Depending on the specific symptoms and preferences of the individual patient, the acupuncture approach can be tailored to target the patient's priorities and goals, and these can change from one visit to the next. This flexible and adaptable treatment approach can be one ingredient to the healing process that is so important in the holistic care of patients suffering from cancer.

Acupuncture treatment, when undertaken with an experienced and skilled practitioner, can and should be a relaxing and healing experience even during the treatment itself. The insertion of needles is generally minimally if at all bothersome, and once the needles are inserted, there is typically no pain caused by them during the treatment, which usually lasts 20-30 minutes. Patients usually feel better by the end of the session, with immediate and noticeable improvement in targeted symptoms. The interval of time between treatments is variable, depending on the particular needs of the patient, as well as logistical factors such as proximity to the clinic, resources for covering the cost of treatment, etc. Even performed at monthly intervals, baseline symptoms may be improved significantly.

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