Bike the US for MS donates $20,000 to Swedish Multiple Sclerosis Center

August 12, 2014 Swedish Blogger


Cyclists participating in Bike the US for MS arrived at the Peddler Brewing Company in Ballard, Washington last Monday, some having travelled all the way from Bar Harbor, Maine. There to greet the cyclists was Dr. James Bowen, Swedish Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Center Neurologist and Medical Director. To date, the bike tour has contributed $80,000 to the Swedish MS Center helping ensure that patients in the Pacific Northwest have access to vital MS services today as well as into the future.

Bike the US for MS is a Virginia-based non-profit organization that coordinates a series of bike tours across the United Sates. This cross country event raises awareness about Multiple Sclerosis with proceeds supporting research and treatment and home modification projects. In addition to funding research and raising awareness, their goal is to combine an important cause with an incredible experience. Throughout the trip, cyclists volunteer their time to MS patients as they pass through surrounding communities. These projects include yard makeovers, cleaning, painting, and anything that may be difficult for a MS patient to complete. Proceeds are also used to fund modification projects such as handicapped ramps and restrooms.

Thank you to the Bike the US for MS organization for your generous contribution. This donation will go toward MS education activities, social work, vocational counseling, and wellness programs including exercise activities that allow our patients access to comprehensive care.


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