Easy make-ahead meals to beat MS fatigue

July 27, 2013 Swedish Blogger

In my last post about eating well with multiple sclerosis (MS), we discussed meal planning and prep to help enable you to eat nutritiously through the week.

Maybe you’ve decided to carve out some time to make a list and prep some food for the week. Good for you! Need some inspiration?

Here are a few recipes that will produce left overs that hold up well and can be packed up for healthy lunches. Don’t forget to include plenty of extra fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grain cereals and non-fat dairy products to be eaten as breakfast and snacks.

Meal 1: Chilled peanut noodles with grilled chicken breast and steamed broccoli

Click here for the recipe.

The whole-wheat noodles give you a good dose of fiber to help keep you regular and the protein from the peanuts will help you feel full longer than other vegetarian pasta dishes. Cook enough chicken for you and your family to have a 4 oz. portion both for dinner lunch the next day, plus an extra pound for another recipe later in the week.

This noodle dish can be served room temperature right after it is made. It is also great eaten cold the next day. If you are sensitive to heat and don’t want to heat up you kitchen re-heating food then you will love this dish.

Meal 2: Slow-cooker vegetarian chili with a whole grain roll

Click here for the recipe.

This dish is free of inflammatory saturated fats and is a great source of belly-filling fiber! Serve with a whole grain roll.


Meal 3: Turkey and roasted red pepper meat loaf with a side salad

Click here for the recipe.

Using lean ground turkey rather than beef lowers the saturated fat content of this traditional comfort food. Adding the red peppers not only adds great flavors but is a sneaky way to add extra vegetables and antioxidants to your diet. Serve with an easy salad made from a kit such as Organic Girl Berries and Balsamic.

Meal 4: Chopped chicken salad

Click here for the recipe.

Re-heating chicken breasts often leaves them dried out and unappetizing. This is a great way to use your left over chicken from Meal 1 because no heating is required. This protein packed dish would be great on a hot summer evening.

Meal 5: Clean out the fridge!

You will probably have some leftovers from some of the meals. You also should have some left over vegetables. Reheat the left overs, make an easy vegetable stir fry and find a whole grain to serve such as one of the whole grain rolls from earlier in the week.


Even those with the best diet intentions can get derailed and give in to the temptation of the drive-thru when multiple sclerosis fatigue sets in. Having a healthy meal already prepared and waiting in your fridge can help you avoid that situation even on the busiest of days.

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