Family Fertilizer

December 23, 2011 Swedish Blogger

Family traditions are (technically) those repetitive memories from our childhood that are associated with a happy time. They could be repeated for holidays, birthdays, summer vacation, or any sort of annual occurrence. Some traditions are attributed to religions or culture, or for no reason other than they were fun to do.

Traditions create security and predictability during our childhood. We find comfort in predictability. As we get older and have children of our own, we like to recreate that secure, happy feeling for our own kids.

Some of us were not fortunate enough to have a family life as children that lent to the creation of traditions. Creating them for our children can be challenging. How do you create something when you never had it as a child, when you were never shown how?

The most important piece is: Be together. No electronics, no distractions. Just be together.

  • Play games together.
  • Watch a movie together.
  • Make food together.
  • Make a craft together.
  • Do a charity event together.
  • Play a game together.
  • Take a drive together.
  • Find something you enjoy doing together and do it every year...together.

Someday, as our babies grow into children, and our children into teens, and our teens into adults, everyone won’t be able to be together but those traditions keep family close. They get family to keep coming back together. They remind our children that they are loved as they venture out into the world. They give our children warm memories of home and a sense of security. Traditions feed their roots so that they can grow.

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