Give your aging loved ones the gift of independence in the New Year

December 21, 2017 Swedish Blogger

2018 is just about here! Each year, you set goals for yourself—you join a new gym, change your diet or explore new and exciting hobbies.

Establishing New Year’s resolutions is an old concept that people of all ages participate in. While a resolution for a 20-something-year-old might focus on finding a new job or saving more money for the future, older adults might commit to spending more time with friends, volunteering or revisiting an old pastime.

Sometimes, however, to enjoy the things they love, older adults need a bit of help with the chores of life. Nearly 18 million older adults feel that they need help performing day-to-day tasks, whether it’s cooking, cleaning or getting around town. Often times, they turn to family members for support.

Even though you want to help, sometimes you aren’t able to—you might have young children, extended work hours or other commitments. In those cases, there are local resources available.

The Swedish Optimal Aging program provides advisory and support services for older adults who live in Seattle. Optimal Aging can assist with transportation, meals, household chores, and personal care. You might want mom or dad to have freshly-prepared meals every night, but aren’t able to get to their house regularly to assist. Optimal Aging can lend a helping hand when you are unable to.

During this season of giving, give your aging loved ones the greatest gift of all – support to remain independent.

To learn more about Swedish Optimal Aging, visit or call 844-523-1387.

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