Happy Labor Day (and thank you to our employees)

September 5, 2011 Swedish Blogger


For those who have the day off today, we hope you enjoy it! While Labor Day is traditionally celebrated as a day off of work for many people, remember that it shouldn’t be a day to forget your health:

  • If you’re spending the day outside, remember to wear sunscreen (yes, even in Seattle) and to stay hydrated

  • A holiday doesn’t require junk food – here are some recipes and healthy ideas to help you celebrate

  • Adults and kids alike – remember to be careful crossing the street, and don’t text/IM/chat while doing so!

  • If you are worried about your kids’ health on the weekend, here’s a tool to help – download our kids symptom checker for your phone 

  • If you do have a health concern or an emergency that occurs over the holiday weekend, click here for maps, directions, and numbers to our facilities

Labor Day is also a great day to acknowledge and thank our employees for their tireless work year-round on behalf of our patients. To all of our employees - thank you for all that you do!


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