How to Correct a Bad Decision with a Good One

March 22, 2013 James M. Ridgway

As we get older we notice changes in our face. We develop lines where there were none, sun spots appear almost overnight, and blemish scars remain from a time when getting a good sun burn cleared up our skin. It is almost as if each one of our actions is painted somewhere along the canvas of the face. In time we look older, more weathered and our skin appears less vibrant. At some point we are also left with the question: Is there any way to undo what has been done? Many of our patients are proactive in their skincare now, but what about the sins of omission and commission in youth?

Laser resurfacing is a surgical technique in which the laser is used to remove damaged skin cells while stimulating the production of new, stronger collagen within. The therapeutic result is the removal of fine lines, improvement of wrinkles when we smile, and an overall smoothing of the skin surface. Skin irregularities (e.g. acne scars) become less obvious as the skin is tightened, the facial color is evened and your overall complexion is improved. The length of recovery is related to the type and degree of laser therapy delivered. The end result is taking a step backwards for the two that were taken when you forgot to wear sunscreen on the lake… all summer long.

Each laser resurfacing treatment begins with a consultation to evaluate the severity of sun damage, depth and number of wrinkles, overall skin type and the ability to tan. Pre-procedure skin care regimens are designed and implemented in coordination with our aesthetics center. In essence, each procedure is as complex and specialized as the individual receiving it. For more information about the skin care treatments and preventative therapies available at the Larrabee Center please call to make an appointment or visit us at

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