Inspiration from the artists of the Swedish Multiple Sclerosis Center Art Show

June 17, 2013 Swedish Blogger



We are just a few weeks shy of the 4th Annual Multiple Sclerosis Art Show. We are excited to share the talented submissions we have received at the Seattle Center Armory on July 6-7, 2013, and share how art has helped them.

Today we congratulated artists who collectively submitted more than 100 entries for display in this year’s show. Each person has a unique connection to multiple sclerosis (MS), either as a person who has been diagnosed, a family member or friend.

The annual Art Show is part of the Swedish MS Center's commitment to helping people thrive apart from their disease. It was created and is put on each year by staff, patients and family members with the purpose of spreading awareness about the disease--and life beyond it.

Inspired by fellow artists, one person asked me to share a poem written and dedicated to the show. 

Liberation Through Art
A poem by Ethel of Turino

People toil, often in desperation.
People swim, often against the current.
People fight, often without an army.
Alone.  Afraid.  In the dark.  Full of fear.
Where to go?  What to do?  Who can help? 
Deep and down, a voice is heard.
Deep and down, spirits emerge.
Against the force, hope is restored.
Within the dark, purpose is found.
Into the light, a torch ignites.
Into the light, possibilities abound.
Guided through light, new horizons emerge.
Guided through light, a family is born.
Together we fight.  Together we dream.
Together.  United.  We seek and try.
Together.  United.  We laugh and cry.
An army.  A team.  A purpose restored.
A strategy. A journey. A life restored.
Together we're better.  Together we win.

Art is life and life is art.
Art makes us whole and allows us to feel free.
Art lifts our spirit and allows it to fly.
MS can't tie us down because art sets us free.


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