International visitors to the Radiosurgery Center

May 6, 2013 Erin Kieper

The Swedish Radiosurgery Center was a featured stop for the nursing students from Kobe City College of Nursing during their recent visit to Seattle. The students toured the center where they learned about our CyberKnife and Gamma Knife programs.

I was very impressed that the patient care is personalized to respect the needs of every individual. I have a lot of respect for staff who sincerely work with patients regardless of their background and circumstances. We learned the importance of having confidence in our field as medical professionals and the great privilege of serving ones in need.”

- Keiko Kikuchi, RN, PHN, Assistant Professor, Kobe City College of Nursing.

The group learned about radiosurgery treatments for such conditions as brain, lung, prostate and breast cancers, as well as non-cancerous conditions such as meningioma, essential tremor and trigeminal neuralgia. In the CyberKnife room they observed the robot (affectionately referred to as Lenore) move in a mock treatment session and entered the Gamma Knife vault to get a closer look at how this technology treats brain conditions. We enjoyed their visit and will wage a guess that a few of these ladies may end up working in a radiosurgery center in Japan.

If you want to learn more about these advanced forms of radiation therapy, click here

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