Multiple Sclerosis Center August Pet of the Month

August 26, 2014 Swedish Blogger

Meet Reggie - this two year old English Springer Spaniel loves visiting retirement homes and sporting hats and bow ties. Reggie may be the most dapper canine around as he enjoys showing off his attire and meeting new people. Found as a stray in Oregon, Reggie was rescued and placed in a shelter for ten days. Matted, disheveled, and smelly, Reggie waited but no one came to claim him. Soon after, English Springer Rescue America (ESRA) was called and he was adopted by his (now) best friend, Jackie Harrison. Jackie has trained Reggie to be her service dog while making him the best dressed dog in town. Reggie was Jackie's 14th foster dog through English Springer Rescue America.
Reggie in his patriotic attire at last year's 4th of July parade on Bainbridge IslandFor his training, Reggie and Jackie participated in a program through Summit Assistance Dogs in Anacortes, Washington. This non-profit organization rescues dogs from shelters and puppy mills and trains them to be service or therapy dogs for people with disabilities. Like the other graduated pups, Reggie picks things off the ground when dropped, opens doors, turns on lights, and responds to sounds for hearing impaired individuals. Once they are slightly more mature, select dogs continue their training with Monroe Service Dog Partnership through the Monroe Prison. Providing a mutual benefit, this nine week course changes the lives of inmates and further prepares the dogs for success. After completion of the course, these service dogs are given away free to individuals in need. Although an unusual breed for a service dog, Reggie has proven to be a brilliant exception.
Favorite toy: a furry, squeaky, purple Salamander.

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