Northwest Hope & Healing Carries Women through Crisis with Unprecedented $50,000 Contribution

July 13, 2020 karyn Blasi Hella, Executive Director

Founded in 2000, Northwest Hope and Healing (NWHH) has provided patients facing breast and gynecological cancers at the Swedish Cancer Institute (SCI) with immediate financial assistance to ease the financial crisis of a cancer diagnosis. Between lost work hours, the burden of traveling to the hospital, and the costs of tests and treatments, patients are often faced with staggering and sometimes insurmountable economic burdens. That’s where Northwest Hope and Healing comes in.

Social Workers at SCI interact with each patient, assessing need in real time, and using grant funds from NWHH to meet immediate financial needs. This often makes the difference between patients paying for rent, groceries, or other bills or affording the costs of diagnosis and treatment.

To meet the increasing need experienced by patients due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Northwest Hope and Healing contributed an additional $50,000 in funding to be put directly in the hands of women and men who are facing a battle with cancer amidst this pandemic. NWHH grants are shared with patients the moment they express need, with no red tape or application process.

Swedish informed us about mothers in treatment unable to stretch diminishing paychecks to cover deductibles and afford unexpected childcare. Social workers shared stories of furloughs in the midst of treatment, making bills and copays unaffordable. Additionally, they informed (or another verb) us about the inability for immunocompromised patients to take public transportation resulting in needing funds for taxi rides to and from treatment. We are going to cover those needs now. As a result of pausing this year's Annual Fundraiser due to the COVID pandemic, we need your help to meet these growing needs:

Northwest Hope and Healing is a 509(a)3 Supporting Organization of Swedish Cancer Institute. All donations are fully tax-deductible.




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