Occupational therapist and adventure guide joins MS Center

December 30, 2015 Swedish Blogger


The Swedish MS Center welcomes Simon Gale, OT/L, who will serve as an occupational therapist and recreational guide. Simon will help patients maintain arm function, posture and independence with daily activities.

His goal is to help people with MS create positive, healthy habits that will enhance their independence and help them stay active. Using individualized exercise programs, Simon will help patients with strengthening, coordination and flexibility, and with adaptive equipment to optimize functioning.

In his role as adventure guide, Simon will help patients participate in recreational activities despite disabilities. These activities will be highly individualized to match each patient's personal interests, lifestyle and health circumstances.

Simon also will organize group field trips that will include outdoor activities, sports, foodie tours and more! Stay tuned for more information on these activities.

Simon’s specialties and interests:

• Neurological rehabilitation
• Constraint induced movement therapy
• Neurodevelopmental treatment
• Use of rhythm with rehabilitation
• Perceptual deficits
• Adaptive e quipment

For appointment inquiries about occupational therapy, call 206-320-2200.

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