Small Goals = Big Rewards

January 2, 2012 Swedish Blogger

New Years Resolutions are often bold declarations that are determined at the last minute. If you REALLY want to make a positive a lifestyle change, think small and tell someone that will hold you accountable.If you are not into New Years Resolutions, you can still set some goals.

Be realistic, change is hard work and will not happen over night. You may have a long-term goal of losing 10+ pounds or giving up a bad habit, but if you start planning now, January 1st will not come as a total shock to your body. Success is more likely when you set small goals that lead to a larger goal. For example, lose one pound a week for 10 weeks instead of losing 10 pounds. Allow room for error, a day off, a ‘cheat meal’ per week so that you can still have your life.

Here are some specific goals


Physical goals based on starting gently:

Step 1: work up to getting 30 minutes of activity five days a week.
Step 2: Get your 30 minutes of cardio plus 15 minutes of strengthening most days
Step 3: Train for something: 5k, 10k, plan a hike, swim 30 laps, 50 mile bike ride, etc.


Nutritional goals: infuse the good, excuse the bad

Step 1: Keep a food journal for one week
Step 2: Eat small portions from the rainbow every day: expand your fruit/veg horizons
Step 3: remove empty carbohydrates and infuse whole grains


If you smoke, determine what method will work for you:

  • Try 800-QUIT-NOW. Your employer may cover the costs of cessation.

You know yourself better than anyone else. So, take a moment to write down all that you accomplished this year, find one or two small things that you want to improve and determine a reward, such as a vacation, if you meet your goal.

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