Still playing the hand she was dealt

September 16, 2021 Swedish Communications

Judy King has long enjoyed playing bridge with her friends. But in Jan., 2019, she suffered a stroke that led to weakness and coordination problems in her right hand and leg. She could no longer drive or even pick up a deck of cards, and was facing a future without her regular bridge group or her other hobby: traveling the world.

With the help of physical and occupational therapists at Swedish Cherry Hill, Judy practiced her fine motor skills for hours on end, picking beads out of putty and folding origami. “My caregivers were as upbeat as can be,” she says. “And you need upbeat people when you’re faced with not being able to do the things you used to be able to do.” 

Within a week Judy had fully recovered and was back to shuffling cards like a pro.

“I give to Swedish because they’re at the forefront of new innovations, medicines and techniques.” – Judy King

She was so grateful for the caregivers who helped her get back to the things she loved most that she started making gifts through a donor advised fund to the Swedish Fund for Excellence. Judy knows her support gives our leadership team the flexibility to invest in priorities that will have an immediate impact on patient care. 

“I feel very fortunate in my life, and I know there are a lot of people who need top-notch care,” she says.

And Judy has one more reason to be thankful: After getting her COVID-19 vaccine at the Swedish Community COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic at Seattle University, she’s looking forward to seeing her vaccinated friends in person and getting back to her usual bridge games thanks to Swedish.

Learn how your gift to Swedish can bring stories of hope, healing and wellness to our community at

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