Summer Activities for Stroke Survivors

July 25, 2013 Annie Sanford, RN, BSN


Stroke is often a significant disruption to the life of the survivor and their care partners both physically and emotionally.  While recovering from stroke is a challenging journey, it doesn’t mean you cannot do what you love.

Summer is a great time to establish or update your recovery goals with an emphasis on fun and enjoyment.  Ask yourself:

  • What hobbies or interests did you participate in prior to your stroke?
  • What hobbies or interests were you curious to try prior to your stroke?

And then ask yourself, your doctors and your therapists how old favorites and new activities can be modified to fit your changed abilities. You may be surprised at the number of options available!

There are several ideas and suggestions provided by the AHA/ASA regarding ways to continue gardening, golfing, and other physical activities. 

Remember that you may have to start small and take slow steps in the journey of recovery, but the possibilities are endless. Break big  goals down into smaller more  achievable  pieces, celebrate all your successes, and  be patient with yourself.

You can also utilize other resources:

  • Attend a local Stroke Support Group to connect with other survivors and families – share stories, learn about local resources, encourage and support each other, and empower yourself on your road to recovery. 

  • Read Stroke Smart or Stroke Connections magazines to read about other survivors, what they have done to improve their recovery, and other information to help you along the way. 

For more information visit or contact  the Swedish Stroke Program at 206-320-3200.


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