Swedish selected to participate in national health equity initiative

July 14, 2015 Swedish News

Swedish has been selected to participate in “National Initiative V”: Improving Community Health and Health Equity through Medical Education. The Initiative is sponsored by the Alliance of Independent Academic Medical Centers (AIAMC), a national membership organization based in Chicago, IL.

The AIAMC National Initiative (NI) is the only national and multi-institutional collaborative of its kind in which resident physicians lead multidisciplinary teams in quality improvement projects aligned to their institution’s strategic goals. Fifty-five hospitals and health systems and more than 450 individuals have participated in the AIAMC National Initiatives since 2007 and have driven change that resulted in meaningful and sustainable outcomes which improved the quality and safety of patient care. Twenty-nine AIAMC-member hospitals and health systems were selected to participate in National Initiative V.

Swedish was selected based upon its demonstrated commitment to better understanding and reducing health disparities in our community. A leadership team from Swedish will collaborate with select hospitals from across the United States in engaging community partnerships that will result in better care for at-risk populations. Resident leaders from Swedish will participate in national planning and problem-solving sessions monthly.

“As an independent academic medical center, Swedish sponsors our own research and education programs for our residents,” said Sandy Norris, the Administrative Director of Medical Education at Swedish. “Through this AIAMC initiative, a select group of Swedish residents will have the ability to work with other residents from similar institutions around the country to develop major quality improvements that will not only help patients nationally, but will become important to helping Swedish address the needs of our local community here in the greater Seattle area.”

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