Ten Ways To Recognize Hearing Loss

May 13, 2013 Claire Kilcoyne, Au.D.


  • Do you have a problem hearing over the telephone?
  • Do you have trouble following the conversation when two or more people are talking at the same time?
  • Do people complain that you turn the TV volume up too high?
  • Do you have to strain to understand conversation?
  • Do you have trouble hearing in a noisy background?
  • Do you find yourself asking people to repeat themselves?
  • Do many people you talk to seem to mumble (or not speak clearly)?
  • Do you misunderstand what others are saying and respond inappropriately?
  • Do you have trouble understanding the speech of women and children?
  • Do people get annoyed because you misunderstand what they say?

If you or a loved one answered yes to three or more of the above questions, you may want to make an appointment with an otolaryngologist (an ear, nose and throat specialist) and/or an audiologist for a hearing evaluation.

Hearing loss can be caused by something as simple as wax in your ears or as complex as a tumor pressing on your hearing nerve. Hearing loss due to noise exposure is preventable by wearing adequate ear protection and turning the volume down.

There is no cure for some hearing losses yet. However, current hearing aid technology is amazing. You can connect your hearing aids to your cell phone, your iPod, your baby monitor, your doorbell, your television, etc. The technology offers significant help in noisy backgrounds, in meetings, or wherever your life brings you.


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