Thank you, nurses

May 11, 2012 Hema Nirmal, MD, FAAP

Happy National Nurses Week. On behalf of all of those who you have provided pain relief and comfort for, thank you. 

Being in the hospital has many negative connotations and can be an incredibly humbling experience. Nurses have the ability to magically bring warmth and tenderness at a time when we are vulnerable. It takes a special person to do all the little things that make a hospital feel less scary and somehow manage to create a serene environment.

Simply put, nurses make hospitals less intimidating. You care for us when we are at our lowest points and ‘nurse us back to health.’ From all the minor things that we can’t do for ourselves during our hospital stay to all the major things like keeping our hearts beating so that we can get back to a normal life, you go the extra mile because you have a special gift.

Thank you this week, and every week, for all that you do!

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