The Impact a Breast Reduction can Make

March 20, 2014 Joshua M Cooper

It is not uncommon for a patient to tell me how much her life has been changed after a breast reduction operation.

Patients have told me that their back, neck and shoulder pain is greatly improved, and in some cases it is gone entirely. Other patients have told me that they no longer have rashes under their breasts, and their posture is improved. Some patients, especially patients in their 20s and 30s, report to me that they no longer feel self-conscious around others due to the smaller size of their breasts.

Today, a patient of mine told me how delighted she is that she can perform ballet dancing once again. Additionally, numerous patients of mine have lost weight after their breast reductions because they are a lot more comfortable exercising again!

If you have large breasts that trouble you, consider meeting with a board-certified plastic surgeon in Seattle to find out more.

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