What Does a Cake Represent?

March 30, 2015 Eric Vallieres

On any given day at the Swedish Thoracic Surgery and Interventional Pulmonology Clinic, a patient will arrive with a very significant cake. This setting may seem like a strange place for such things but for the patient and the treatment team, this cake signifies 5 years of survival. It also represents the relationship the patient has with his or her doctor, nurses and care team in the clinic.

Thank you with cake

As a surgeon taking care of people diagnosed with lung cancer, the personal connections developed over the years is palpable and incredibly rewarding. We see these people at the scariest times in their lives and to have the honor of sharing a piece of cake 5 years later is so gratifying and humbling for our team. These moments keep us pushing to provide the best care we can for all of our patients.

Ed. note - March 30 is when we celebrate Doctors' Day - thank you to all of our doctors at Swedish for their compassionate care of all of our patients!

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