What is an audiologist?

October 17, 2012 Kristiina Huckabay, AuD, FAAA


An audiologist is a master’s or doctoral level trained professional who evaluates, treats and manages hearing and balance disorders in children and adults. Audiologist work in a variety of settings such as medical centers, private practice clinics, universities, schools, Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) physician clinics, Veteran’s Administration and military settings.

At Swedish, you will find caring and talented audiologists with a wealth of clinical experiences. The audiologists at Swedish have experience with infant through geriatric diagnostic hearing evaluations, auditory evoked potentials, vestibular evaluations, tinnitus management and the selection and fitting of hearing aids. Additionally, audiologists work closely with surgeons to complete the fitting and programming of osseo-integrated devices, cochlear implants and brainstem implants following surgery.

Because most hearing issues are not medically treatable, most individuals with hearing loss work with an audiologist to seek treatment through amplification, implantable devices, FM fittings, assistive listening devices and/or aural (re)habilitation. This makes audiology an excellent entry point into hearing wellness. A small percentage of hearing issues do require medical intervention and in those cases, audiologists work collaboratively with otolaryngologists (ENT) to determine an appropriate management plan. For patients with medical issues related to their hearing loss, medical clearance is provided by the otolaryngologist prior to the hearing aid fitting.

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